Travel experiences: Christine wearing Hanbok

Hello everyone and welcome to A Backpack and Birkenstocks, formerly known as Christine in Korea. I started this blog back in 2018 before moving to South Korea to teach English, and in the years since, it has grown far beyond anything I ever expected

My primary goal with my blog was to keep my friends and family in the loop about what was happening with my life in South Korea. But leading up to my departure and after arriving in Korea, I realized there was a huge gap in information about living here. You see, most expat bloggers and YouTubers in Korea live in major metro areas like the capital city, Seoul.

When I arrived in Korea, I had to take a four hour bus just to get to my new home– a small city in the Gyeongsang province called Jinju. With around 350,000 residents, life in Jinju is much different than what one might encounter living in Seoul where the population is higher than the population of New York City.

So I kept blogging, because I realized that there was a need that wasn’t being met. Some people who moved to Korea needed to know what to expect in a small town. And from there, I just kept writing.

I recently rebranded this blog because I have decided not to live in Korea long-term. When thinking about new ideas for blog names, I looked at other bloggers and around my room. As a lover of travel, I realized there are two things I always have with me–my backpack and my Birkenstocks. Those items are the cornerstone of my signature travel look. You won’t catch me without them. And thus, my blog name was thought into this world.

Since its inception, A Backpack and Birkenstocks has grown to feature more than just content about life in Korea. I also share my thoughts on minimalistic living, travel tips and diaries, and reflections on daily life as an expatriate.

I hope you’ll join me as I continue to explore the world. And of course, thank you so much for stopping by!

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