Another Week of Social Distancing

The last few weeks have brought with them a new routine. Go to work. Go home. Repeat. Usually, I do a bit more with my weekends but that last few weeks I’ve ventured out only one day each weekend to buy groceries. The street of Korea are still pretty quiet, and places still seem less crowded than I remember them pre-pandemic.

This change in routine has also made blogging a bit harder. Since I’m not doing much, I don’t have much to share. But I have been doing things to pass the time, so here is a breakdown of what my life of social distancing looks like.

What I’m Listening To

Hamilton Original Broadway Soundtrack– I love Hamilton. I’ll get in a loop where it’s all I listen to for days and days. I’ve been finding myself in this loop a lot lately.

Die Eisk├Ânigin 2 Deutscher Original Soundtrack– Yes, this is the Frozen 2 soundtrack auf Deutsch. I love the Frozen 2 soundtrack, and there’s just something really special about it in German. My favorite in both English and German is Show Yourself (Zeige dich).

Zwischen meinen Zeilen- An album from German pop artist LEA. I love this album, and it’s another one that I find myself getting into a loop with.

What I’m Reading

My reading challenge is really lacking this month. I haven’t finished any books yet this month, but I am hoping to finish both Emma and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this weekend.

What I’m Watching

Tiger King- What a journey. That’s all I have to say about that.

Good Girls- We love a baddie with a giant bird tattooed on their neck terrorizing some suburban moms. This show is seriously addicting. After the last episode’s ending, I’m just like OOOOOHHHHHHHH.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine- The new season is as thoughtful as it is funny.

What I’m Cooking

The last few weeks have been full of baking. After getting a sourdough starter, I went really hard. Some of my favorite creations were homemade pretzels, sourdough discard crackers, and a homemade pizza.

I’ve also been indulging in these easy saucy ramen noodles quite often.

Other Things to Note

Cherry blossom season came and went. Missing out on this special time in Korea is disappointing, but cancellations and time inside is needed given the current situation. Korea has been doing well the last week, with under 100 new cases of the virus each day.

At work, we have been filming English videos for our website. My video editing skills are improving and we are keeping busy filming and come up with new ideas for videos. Our list of video ideas seems pretty endless, honestly.

I’ve also started a puzzle. I haven’t gotten very far, but maybe I can make some headway on that this weekend, since I am taking a break from baking this week.

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