Living in Korea During the Coronavirus Outbreak

What is it like living in Jinju during the coronavirus? Keep reading to find out! But first, purchasing a TEFL course through the link here will result in me receiving compensation. I appreciate you trusting my opinion on the products that will help you teach and travel in 2020!

When I left for Bali, Korea had an incredibly low number of coronavirus cases. My Nana asked me if I was worried about traveling with the virus circulating around China and with a low number of cases around Asia. And I wasn’t.

As my time in Bali came to an end, I saw the number of coronavirus cases in Korea spike, most linked to a cultist church in Daegu, with other pockets appearing in lessor numbers throughout the country. But despite the increase, I am still not worried to any great extent. Daegu is two hours away from where I live by bus, so I didn’t really feel like I should spiral into a panic.

When I landed in Busan, things were quieter than usual, but I also landed on a Monday morning when most people would be at work anyway.

Since being back, things haven’t changed all that much, except things are less crowded.

When I go to the grocery store, there are far fewer people than I typically encounter. Everyone is wearing masks. Some shops and restaurants have decided to close, whether from loss of business or as a preemptive safety measure, I don’t know. 

The biggest way that the virus has impacted me has been in teaching. I was supposed to begin teaching my new batch of students on March 9. Due to the virus, the Ministry of Education has shifted the start of school to March 23. This means that I have more prep time between now and when I start teaching again. 

Of course, this is just a reflection on how the virus has impacted my life in Jinju. People living in Daegu, the hardest-hit city are likely experiencing something much different than I am.

So if you’re back in America reading this, don’t worry. I am fine, and I will continue to be fine. If I somehow become not fine, I have access to a fantastic healthcare system, and will be fine. 

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