Another Month of Books: What I Read in February

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As we finish out the second month of the year, I’m glad to say I am still quite ahead of my reading goal for this year. While I didn’t read quite as many books in February, I’m alright with that, since ten days were spent in Bali with my dear friend from University. While reading is great, getting to experience Bali together was greater.

So my total for this month came to nine books in total, with a few more I’m currently reading but likely won’t finish until early March.

Daisy Miller

Cover of Daisy Miller

My first finished book of the month was actually one I had to read for grad school. I’d never read Daisy Miller before, and I was surprised at how quickly I read through this. I was even more surprised by how much is going on under the surface of this novella.

While I’m usually not a huge fan of American lit, I did enjoy reading Daisy Miller, although most of the characters were pretty unlikable. In some ways, the unlikable-ness of the characters is what gives this short book charm.

Harry Potter book I read

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Last month, I started re-reading all the Harry Potter books. I haven’t read Harry Potter in so long, so reading them again has been a joy. Of course, these books are still five-star to me. When I was young, I really loved Chamber of Secrets. As I got older, I gravitated more toward the later books, but I still enjoyed reading the early books again.

Harry Potter book I read

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I continue on with my Harry Potter re-read! It’s been a while since I read PoA and I forgot how good it was. I love all the Harry Potter books, but this one is a great transition from the young, innocent Harry Potter books to the darker events that are to unfold in the later books.

Goblet of Fire original cover

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Again, I love all things Harry Potter. Reading this again had me on edge. The last time I read this book I think I was 10 years old, and it’s amazing how much went over my head when I was young. I enjoyed reading this again as an adult and understanding the social interactions between the characters a bit more.

Book cover

Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies

Another graduate school read. This was broken up over the course of a few weeks, and really was quite interesting. Since I’m interested in writing studies, the concepts outlined in this book kept me reading. The book itself is divided into different threshold concepts and then those concepts are divided into more specific concepts of writing and theory. A great read, not too dry, and incredibly informative.

I’ve Got Your Number

Book cover

Although I don’t typically read romance novels,I loved this book and was instantly hooked. I was cheering for the main character and the over-worked stranger she met by accident the whole time. I also liked how relatable she was– a bit self-conscious, prone to anxiety, and just trying to do the right thing. The only issue I had was that I borrowed this book through the digital platform my public library back in the States uses and some pages wouldn’t load, so I had to skip a page or two. While I didn’t miss anything crucial, it was pretty annoying.

If you want to read any of the books I’ve mentioned in this post, I recommend making it this one!

A Grave Welcome

Book cover

A murder mystery set in 1920’s London. This book was free on Amazon and I read it in its entirety on my flight from Busan to Kuala Lumpur. A Grave Welcome is the second in the series, but events that unfold in the first are revisited in enough detail that I didn’t feel lost not having read the first one.

I gave this book three stars on goodreads. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. It was entertaining enough and a quick read at that. I didn’t get invested enough to read more books in the series, but it wraps up quite nicely in the end that I don’t feel I have to keep reading.

Book cover


The final grad school read for this month. I love Hamlet and I love Shakespeare. I wish it was Macbeth since that’s my favorite Shakespearean tragedy, but I wasn’t angry about reading Hamlet again.

Chloe: Lost Girl

Book cover

This was another free book from Amazon. I read this book in under two days, because I wanted to get another book in before the end of the month. Chloe: Lost Girl is a two-part murder-mystery. There are three characters with different story lines who are somehow all connected. Unfortunately, the reader doesn’t find out how in book one. There are hints and some moments of foreshadowing, but there are no direct answers to be found in book one.

The ending of this book was quite grim, which really turned me off from reading the second half. Perhaps I will, but I need some time away before making that decision. Perhaps if it was offered as a free book or for a low price, I’d read it. But I wouldn’t pay full price, especially if the second half is as gruesome as the first.

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