A Month Offline

As per my New Year’s Resolution, I spent January on a social media hiatus. And let me say, I didn’t realize how much I needed to spend a month offline until I did it.

On January 1st, I stopped checking any and all social media. The only “social” apps I used were messenger, Kakao Talk, and Whatsapp. Essentially, apps that put me in direct communication with someone rather than passive communication.

So when I woke up on February 1st, the thought of logging into instagram didn’t even cross my mind until I had been awake for a few hours. And when I finally did, I checked my messages, posted a photo, and then immediately closed the app. I never would have done that a month ago.

The same followed with Facebook and Snapchat. I logged in, cleared my notifications, and closed the app again. Then I contemplated what kind of relationship I wanted to have with social media from here on out. Because honestly, my month without social media was much more productive. Instead of reading Twitter, I read books. I had real conversations with my friends rather than sending pointless snapchats back and forth. I was able to focus on writing posts for my blog, get ready for another semester of graduate school, and read news written by actual journalists, not random people online.

So while I’m not going to completely ditch social media, I am starting fresh with it. I’m not going to turn on my notifications, because honestly if something is really important, the person will contact me directly. Instead, I’ll allow myself some time to check my social media once or twice a day.

To anyone who thinks they spend too much time online, taking a month off from social media may be just what you need to realign your focus and spend time doing the things you are passionate about.

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