Phantom in Busan

I grew up less than two hours from New York City. Despite this fact, I never saw a professionally performed musical. In fact, the only musicals I’ve seen were those performed by high school or college students. Of course, some of these were incredibly well done, but I still wanted to see a show performed by professionals.

So when I learned that Phantom of the Opera was coming to Korea, I had to try to get tickets. The performance was part of the World Tour, so it was done in English, and even better, it was performed in Busan.

The day tickets went on sale, I forgot, and logged into the website an hour after tickets went live. My heart sank when I saw that every day in December was sold out. But fortunately, there were a few seats left in January. I had been looking forward to the day since.

So on the morning on January 18, I woke early, excited for the day ahead of me.

I would go to Busan with some friends, we would have lunch, see the show, have dinner, and then head home.

Even though our seats were in the balcony, the show was incredible. Listening to the performers, it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that people who are so talented exist. The show progressed with amazing scenery, lighting, and of course, acting.

When I was younger, I watched the Phantom of the Opera movie. Well, I tried. I think I fell asleep halfway through. But that’s sort of my thing when it comes to movies. I’m please to say that the musical didn’t have the same effect as the movie.

I left Busan that evening happy with the day. I’d seen my first professional musical, eaten great food, and spent the day wandering around with friends.

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