Talking with Expats: Ollie

My first featured expat is Ollie. Ollie is an EFL teacher living in Daegu, South Korea. He’s been in Korea for quite some time, and has found his own way to share his life experience in Korea. After reading, be sure to check out his YouTube channel!

C: How long have you been in Korea? Where are you living? 

O: I’ve been in Daegu, Korea for three years, about to sign for my fourth. Its the perfect city for me and I really enjoy everything Daegu has to offer

C: You have your own YouTube channel. Is that something you started after coming to Korea, or was it something you did before moving as well?

O: I started my channel about a year and a half ago to try and share Korean culture with the world. I came to Korean culture many years before I came to live here, so I started my channel I wanted to share what I loved about Korea with everybody else. Now my channel has a great community of people who are also very interested in Korean culture, it has become a great place to talk about anything and everything Korean.

C: Why did you decide to make YouTube videos about life in Korea?

O: I started making videos about teaching and life in Korea because the kind of content that I wanted to see just wasn’t out there when I started. I never expected my channel to focus solely on those things, but I am still fascinated on a daily basis and I am fortunate to be able to share that with others.

C: You also have a dog. How has getting a dog changed your lifestyle in Korea?

O: Getting a dog in Korea has change my experience of Korea so so vastly. Korean pet culture is very different to western pet culture; sometimes having a pet can be very frustrating in Korea and often I find myself learning something new about Korean culture because of this. Both good and bad.

Obviously adopting Kevin TheDog is the best thing I have done in Korea – but there was definitely a lot of aspects to pet ownership in Korea I had absolutely no idea I was getting myself into.

C: What advice would you give to an expat considering getting a pet in Korea?

O: Make sure you do a hell of a lot more research into Korean pet culture than I did, there are not many videos online about having pets – but I recommend watching as many as possible. I have a tonne on my channel if you’d like a starting point. I especially recommend How to Adopt a Pet in Korea because it starts you off with knowing the process.

C: What has been your best experience in your time living abroad?

O: Adopting Kevin TheDog because I never expected to learn so much from something I assumed was so simple. 

Either that or visiting three Disneyland’s in the space of three weeks!

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