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Falling in Love with Singapore

I left Taiwan on Tuesday night on an overnight flight to Singapore. I’d arrive at the Changi Airport around 5:00 a.m. the following morning and begin my adventure from there.

Arriving so early, I planned to spend a few hours in the airport. I’d read a lot about the Changi airport, and everything said it was amazing. I wondered how could an airport possibly be amazing. But it was.

Inside the Changi Airport is an entire rain forest, a huge shopping center, and a pay per use lounge. This kept me plenty busy for the first few hours I was in Singapore. I took a shower, walked around the Changi Jewel, and eventually settled down at Starbucks with a nice peppermint mocha.

Arriving in Singapore

When it finally felt like enough time had passed, I took the metro to my hostel. I knew it was still pretty early, but at least I’d be able to drop my bag off and explore the downtown area. But my hostel had some open beds in my room and let me check in early. This was perfect since I hadn’t slept at all on my overnight flight. I was exhausted, so I took my bags to my room and immediately went to sleep.

When I woke up, I was able to explore Singapore. The first thing I did was go to a temple with someone I met at my hostel. Then, we went out separate ways for lunch and met back up a bit later to go to the National Museum of Singapore. Over the next few days, I visited the Gardens by the Bay, the Botanic Gardens, the Asian Civilizations Museum, and some of the impressive shopping centers in downtown Singapore. And of course I went to the Merlion and watched the light show that can be seen from the iconic statue.

I loved Singapore.

Absolutely loved it. Walking around Singapore, I felt like I was back home braving the streets of a much cleaner New York City. Sure, it was a bit odd to know what every single street sign said, but that added to the magic of the city. It had been so long since I was somewhere I could understand everything going on around me.

Not only that, but the people of Singapore were kind, the food was fantastic, and there was an endless amount of things to do. I could have easily spent my entire trip in Singapore.

Where I stayed: Footprints Hostel in Little India

Best food: Chickpea panko burger with a blueberry hibiscus craft beer from RedDot Brewhouse

Favorite place: The Singapore Botanic Gardens

Most memorable moment: Paying $12 for a Heineken, not realizing the Heineken was $12, all because I wanted to hear live music at a bar along the river.

Something I missed, but wanted to see: The Treetop Walk. I was planning to head out on this hike, but I visited Singapore during the rainy season.

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  1. What amazing experiences you are having!!! And your photos to accompany your posts are just gorgeous. You have the makings for a wonderful book someday!!! Keep the adventures coming!!! Love you, Aunt Joan

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