New Year, New Resolutions

I love new year’s resolutions. I put a lot of thought into them, and really do my best to think of something challenging, yet attainable.

When I think of resolutions, it’s often an entire list of them. I’m a really goal-oriented person, so envisioning the year ahead is something that I like to take the time to do. I think about all areas of my life, from school, to wellness, to personal challenges that I think will help make me a better person in the new year.

This year, I’ve thought up quite a few new year’s resolutions.

Read 30 books

In 2019, my goal was to read 20 books. Since I succeeded, I decided to up my reading count by 10. I have a few books on my Kindle app to read. I was also able to visit an English bookstore in Singapore where I picked up two new books. While I might finish the one before New Year’s Eve, the other will kick off 2020.

Get a 4.0 in my graduate program

Downtown Jinju

A simple resolution that requires a lot of hard work. But I’ve managed so far, I can do it this year, too.

Take on a new challenge every month

Each month, I am going to participate in a different challenge. I haven’t mapped out the entire year yet, but I’ve made it to June. I’ll be starting the new year by detoxing from social media. This means I won’t be on instagram, snapchat, twitter, or facebook for an entire month. While this is going to be difficult, it’ll definitely help me get a jump start on my book challenge.

I’ll follow up in February with no candy. This might be even harder than no social media, since I love chocolate. But it’ll be good for me to eat less sugary junk in general.

Each month, I’ll share how my monthly resolution challenge went. Not all the challenges will be giving something up. One month, I’ve decided to meditate every day. I’m sure there will be a minimalism challenge in there somewhere, too. Probably July before I pack up to move again!

Publish a blog post every week

This is perhaps going to be the most challenging of the resolutions. I have a habit of writing a lot, and then going silent for weeks, even months at a time. Being able to write content so that I generate a post every week is going to take planning and consistency. It’ll also mean that I really need to take advantage of the days I have a lot of ideas and write, write, write.

But I think as long as I stay focused and remember that this is a goal I want to meet, I’ll be able to do it. With all the exciting trips and changes happening in 2020, I think it’ll be easy enough to share something here every week.

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