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Two Days in Taiwan

Saturday, December 7. I wake up, ready for the day. I have four hours to pack my bags, clean my apartment, and get to the bus terminal. I’m off on another trip. First stop: Taiwan.

Quite a few of my friends visited Taiwan, and they all had great things to say, so I was excited to visit the tiny island country for a few days before heading onward to Singapore.

When I was planning my trip, I wanted to visit as many places as I could in two weeks, so I settled on Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, in that order. I had thought about making Taiwan the last stop, but flight prices were just better if I started in Taiwan.

My flight to Taipei was in the evening Saturday night. After spending a few hours at a cafe in the airport, the counter finally opened and I learned my flight was delayed. It was only by about 30 minutes, so I wasn’t too concerned. I’d be getting to Taipei late either way.

When I finally made it through security, I found something for dinner and sat near my boarding gate. A group of older ladies sat near me, and they shared some clementines and sweet potatoes with me. It was incredibly kind, and it really started my trip off on the right foot, despite the delay.

On the plane, I sat next to a sweet Taiwanese couple. They chatted with me a bit, and were excited I was going to visit Taipei.

I landed in Taipei around 11:30pm, boarded the train, and made it to the central station about an hour later. From there, I walked to my hostel, about 10 minutes away. I was tired, but excited to be in Taiwan.

What I loved about Taipei

  • My hostel was great. The location was excellent, there was a bar in the hostel, and I was able to chat with other travelers.
  • Taipei 101 was worth the line. I’m not usually one for heights, but the view was spectacular.
  • The city was full of parks and gardens.
  • The public transit was some of the best I’ve used. It was fast, on time, and very clean. It also takes you anywhere you want to go in the city.
  • The weather in Taipei was PERFECT. It was jeans and a sweatshirt weather, which is my favorite kind of weather. It’s ideal for exploring a city on foot.

What I didn’t love about Taipei

  • Museums were closed on Monday. That’s pretty standard, but it was still a bummer since I wanted to visit a lot of museums but wasn’t able to.
  • NOTHING! I loved Taipei! It was truly incredible. I only wish I had spent more time there!

Details about my time in Taipei

Where I stayed: Taipei Taipei Hostel

Best meal: A delicious vegan noodle bowl from Vege Creek in the Taipei 101 building

Favorite memory: Meeting travelers from all over the world in my hostel, having some drinks, and just spending the evening chatting about everything we’d seen and done so far

Best place I visited: Taipei 101 at sunset

Something I wish I’d gotten to do in Taipei: Visit the museums around the city, especially the medical humanities museum

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