Leaf covered path at the arboretum

Autumn Adventures: Gyeongsangnam-do Arboretum

I’m doing my best to see as many colorful leaves as I can before they all fall to the ground and the cold grip of winter clenches around South Korea. For the very reason, I could not pass up an invite to spend my Saturday at the Gyeongsangnam-do Arboretum.

Arboretum path with colorful leaves

This past weekend, I headed to the Gyeongsangnam-do Arboretum, or as people in Jinju call it: the Jinju Arboretum. The arboretum, located outside city is a large park area with special gardens, green houses, and a tree museum. While it takes about an hour to get there from the intercity bus terminal, the trip is worth it.

Weekends are a popular time for the arboretum, especially in autumn. Many families take their children to the park to enjoy the outdoors, since green space is hard to come by in the city. Tour groups also visit the arboretum.

Holding red leaves

In total, I spent about four hours at the arboretum. I spent considerable amount of time wandering the less-taken paths. The rest was spend drinking coffee, scoping out green houses, and being awe-struck by the relics in the museum.

If you’re in the Jinju area, I highly recommend visiting this beautiful park before winter arrives. I’ve heard it’s also quite lovely in the spring.

Arboretum fountain and pond

When you are planning a trip to the arboretum, you can take a bus from the Jinju intercity terminal. Even though it takes about an hour to get there, the bus costs under 4,000 won each way. The bus returns to Jinju pretty regularly as well, just be sure to check the schedule before heading inside. Adult entry is 1,500 won. While you can get food there, many people opt to pack a picnic and enjoy eating under the beautiful trees. If you do opt for a treat, I recommend the cafe mocha from the coffee house!

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