Autumn Adventures: Hiking in Hamyang

The beginning of October is a beautiful time of year. Although it is still a bit too hot for my liking and a typhoon could strike at any time, there are still plenty of opportunities to get out and go hiking.

Using one of my days off, I went on a hike in Hamyang. Hamyang is about two hours from Jinju by bus. Taking a car, I’m sure it doesn’t take as long. The bus stopped in quite a few small towns along the way. When we did arrive, we had to take another bus to get to where we wanted to begin the hike.

Hamyang itself is pretty deep in the Korean countryside. I hardly saw any cars, and there weren’t a lot of people either. But there were a lot of mountains.

The Wednesday I went hiking it was about 70 degrees and pretty breezy, so ideal weather for a hike. My friends and I left early in the morning to get to Hamyang. When we arrived, we first went to a small temple at the base of the mountain before beginning our hike.

Rather than hiking out and back, we hiked along the mountain to the bus stop in the next town over, which would take us back to the town where we could get on a bus back to Jinju.

The hike, which totaled just over 18km, was lovely. While there were steep parts, it was a moderate incline the rest of the way. We also took the opportunity to visit another temple, Seoamjeongsa, toward the end of the hike.

This temple was pretty far up a steep mountain, but getting to the top was worth it. The temple features grottos and beautiful statues carved into caves. At the top of the temple was a prayer space overlooking the mountain ridge and the valley.

After the incredibly hot summer that kept me inside, a day of fresh air in the mountains was needed. I’m going to be sure this is not the last hike I take before winter settles in.

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