An Autumn Update

I think Autumn is finally ariving in Jinju. I woke up this morning to some crisp air drifting in through my window, and my walk to work was pleasant, coming in at about 62 degrees.

Saying goodbye

The last month has been busy. I started September getting to know my new coworkers and getting ready to say goodbye to Sam, who left over Cheusok weekend. Before her departure, we spent some time exploring Busan, including spending an afternoon at Spa Land. It was a much-needed day of relaxation.

But the next morning, it was time to go to the airport. It was hard for me to say goodbye to someone I grew so close to in such a short amount off time. It was also strange for me to realize that I wasn’t the one leaving. I’ve never been the person who stays before. I was always the one who left. Funny how things change.

After a teary goodbye, I headed back to Jinju. The following morning, I took my German Oral Proficiency Exam, and received my certification at an Intermediate-Mid level. For those who don’t really know what that means, language acquisition is ranked on a few scales. The most common ranges from A1-C2. Intermediate-mid puts me at a B1 level, which is about the middle of the scale.

What comes next

Not long after that, I rolled into 25. I spent the day celebrating with my coworkers, eating lunch at the Fortress, and spent my night relaxing. While most people seem to dread turning 25, I was thrilled when my car insurance became significantly cheaper.

September also gave me the chance to do some more traveling. Along with going to Busan, I also went to Daegu. Mostly because the Kakao Friends store in Busan was closed for the holiday and I needed to buy some gifts. Daegu also had a Vietnamese restaurant selling a vegan Bahn Mi, so I was sold.

I also signed up for a 5k, which I completed this past weekend with my coworker. It ended up being six kilometers, but we made it across the finish line in a pretty good time, considering neither of us trained particularly hard.

Aside from those few events, I have just been continuing my graduate studies, working with a new group of kiddos, planning my upcoming trips to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Bali, and planning for what comes after Korea. I don’t know too much yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be good.

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