I Don’t Write Much Anymore

I don’t write much anymore. It’s not that I don’t have the time, and it isn’t writer’s block. Each day, I just find I have less and less to say.

Recently, I hit my one year mark in Korea. I tried to write something about it. Something deep and reflective on how this past year has changed me, helped me to grow, anything. And I couldn’t find the words to wrap it up nicely with a bow. So instead, I let to opportunity for a blog pass me by.

A Goodbye Lunch

I’ve been doing that a lot lately. My life has become incredibly routine.

I go to work Monday-Friday. The kids are wonderful and no two days are alike when I am teaching.

On weekends, I clean. I meal prep. And I do my laundry. Sometimes, I’ll venture out with a friend to a cafe or go for a walk, but I haven’t been doing that much since the weather has been hot and humid.

My graduate classes have started again, and I am doing my best to stay ahead on my work. So far, I’ve been quite successful, but I’m sure my motivation to work ahead will drop off as the semester goes on. So far, I’m really enjoying my Linguistics class, and my course on Graduate Writing is going to allow me many opportunities to research topics I am interested in.

Along with graduate school, I’ve also been studying German and will be taking an Oral Proficiency Interview exam next week. I’m tentative, but hopeful about how I will do.

What I’ve been watching: Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the forth time, Dark, and Look Who’s Back

What I’ve been listening to: Norman F****** Rockwell- Lana Del Rey, Lover- Taylor Switch, Strange Beauty- First Aid Kit, Was Bleibt- Madeline Juno

What I’m cooking- Everything bagels with dairy-free cream cheese, dairy free pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and veggie stir-fry with tofu

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