Travel experiences: The Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand: Day One in Bangkok

Every time I go somewhere new, I leave thinking that it is the best place I have ever been. Bangkok is no exception.

But I really do think everywhere is the best place I’ve ever been. And every place has its own reason for being the best.

Bangkok is one of those places that I will always remember fondly, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the people I met while staying there, because they’re a big part of what made Bangkok such a memorable part of my trip.

When I arrived in Bangkok, it was late, I was tired, and I payed way too much for a taxi from the airport.

That’s my fault though, since I went to a taxi stand and not the airport taxi stand. Oops.

Pro-tip: make sure you go to the right taxi stand so they don’t overcharge you!

When I finally arrived in my hostel, all I wanted to do was sleep. I arrived around the same time as my bunk mate (who paid a LOT less for her taxi), and we were both ready to go to sleep. Fortunately, the first night was pretty quiet and I was able to get a good night’s sleep.

On my first full day in Bangkok, I decided to head out early and see as much as I could of the city around me.

I left my hostel, bought some water, and then found the perfect breakfast: vegetable spring rolls from a street food vendor. They were delicious, and just what I needed to fuel my morning journey.

My goal for the day was to see temples and the Royal Palace. So I walked the kilometer toward the Palace and on the way there, popped into some Temples.

Me, leaning against a ledge in front of the Royal Palace, surrounded by trees and plants in Bangkok, Thailand
In front of the Royal Palace

Everything in Bangkok was beautiful. Like, ornate detailing, lots of gold, mosaic tiling. Beautiful. I had never seen anything like it. Just walking down the street had me awe-struck.

So when I finally got into the Royal Palace, I nearly had to pick my jaw up off of the floor. Everything was beautiful and everything was elaborate. The Palace was packed with tourists who all wanted to see the grounds.

I spent nearly an hour at the palace before leaving and walking around the city. My next stop was the outdoor markets.

It was quite a long walk to the markets, but on the way there, I saw more temples that were free to visit. Eventually I found the street market, which seemed to go on forever. I don’t know exactly how much of the market I covered, but it felt like quite a lot. While there, I bought some fresh fruit to hold me over until I could find something to eat for lunch.

For lunch, I had some spicy Thai vegetable soup and rice, then made my way back to my hostel. It had been a long morning, and even though Bangkok wasn’t nearly as hot as Hanoi, I decided I wanted a nap.

The entrance to the NapPark Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand. String lights hanging above the bar and front door.
NapPark Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand

That night, I found a vegetarian restaurant and remembered how much I love Pad Thai. After that, I wandered around Khao San Road and the adjacent streets, which were lined outdoor restaurants, bars, and street vendors.

While walking around, I passed my bunk mate a few times, and eventually we stopped to get a drink together. It was a great way to wrap up my first day in Bangkok.

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