Project 333

Project 333: The Results

It’s officially been three months since I boxed up all of my clothing and started my journey with Project 333. I decided to do this experiment and even convinced my friend Sam to do it, too! (Read her blog post on her experiences with Project 333 here!)

Project 333

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Project 333, it is a three month wardrobe experiment. The premise is to live with less and experiment with having a smaller wardrobe. You begin by going through all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories, keeping only 33 items. You can wear only what you’ve selected for three months. Of course, the 33 does not include pajamas, active wear, and in-home lounge wear.

Last week, I pulled out my boxes of clothing and went through my wardrobe again. My closet did have a few additions from when I first began. A friend of mine moved back to Canada at the end of his contract and gave me some flannel shirts and a nice jacket. I also pulled out my raincoat on a particularly rainy day.

While I wore almost everything in my closet, there were a few things I saved that I didn’t wear at all. I started a new donate pile, and the unworn items from my closet were the first to go. I made sure to take into account how many “new” items I took in from my friend and made sure I donated one item for each thing he gave me.

Project 333

Then, I went through my boxes. Most of what I packed away was clothing for warmer weather, but I also packed away a few winter pieces. As I went through the boxes, I took a good look at each piece. I was so excited to wear some of the pieces again, especially since the weather has been getting warmer. Others I was okay letting go of. They went onto the donate pile.

While my experience with Project 333 was awesome, I decided not to do it again for the Spring. But I did choose to keep my summer clothing packed until I need it. I also packed away my warmer sweaters since I won’t be needing them again until next winter. Even though I didn’t stick to just 33 pieces, my closet is still pretty minimal. I can easily see everything when I open my wardrobe in the morning, and I don’t spend much time choosing an outfit in the morning.

If you’re someone who struggles picking out an outfit in the morning or if you are just overwhelmed by how much clothing you have, I highly recommend doing Project 333. Even if you live somewhere with four seasons, this project is doable. Once your clothing is out of sight for a while, it’s a lot easier to look at it objectively and let go of things you never wear.

If you’re interested in learning more about minimalism, I highly recommend checking out these awesome books: The More of Less: Finding The Life You Want Under Everything You Own, Everything That Remains, and The Year of Less.

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